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Social responsibility is embedded into our ethos here at PLP. One of our primary reasons for embarking on this endeavor was our shared passion for innovative, breathtaking digital content to be readily available to all members of the community regardless of whether you are an individual just starting out or an international corporation with the desire to add a different feel to the products and services you offer.

We have a varied range of experience to draw from which gifts us the unique understanding of London’s creative scene and how intrinsically this is linked to community, often meaning one cannot truly thrive without the other.

Our understanding of this has led us to ringfence 15% of all income, which we dedicate to offering services that will allow creative startups to flourish and fulfil their potential. We see it as an opportunity to contribute and enrich the lives of all members of the community. This could be a promotional film, a brand development workshop or whatever creative content support they require at the time.

If you think you could benefit from some free content support please download the form using the link below and return to

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