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Moving Into Our New Home

It’s been non-stop for the last few months down at Fishers Court, with all hands on deck working tirelessly to transform our premises into a fully usable office/studio workspace. The building and installation of work surfaces and partition walls means we are now able to entertain full teams working here simultaneously on the range of upcoming projects we have in the near future, whilst also enabling us to not disturb the people creating around us. It’s great to be part of a close knit community of such a variety of creative enterprises. Exciting times ahead!

With the foundations of the business in place, we can now turn our full attention on to working to achieve our goals in connecting with people and producing breath-taking content to shine a much needed light on the amazing range of artistic endeavours taking place all across London. It hasn’t been an easy time in recent years for the creative industry as an entirety, not exclusively but due in no small part, to extreme cuts to local spending has resulted in the closure and withdrawal of a whole host of traditional services and spaces which largely supported and propped up this movement. For a long time now, this has appeared to be a thinly veiled attack not just on the creative industry, but on community itself and the methods of conceiving ideas, creating and engaging with each other which are available to people who, more often than not, do not have large amounts of financial capital to throw into the air and rely largely on these crucial relationships, which require an incredible amount of hard work and energy to mold and mantain. To see what we are doing to help creative growth in communities follow this link

However, there is nothing more inspiring and motivating to see than people and practises resisting this sustained attack, fight the storm and push on to continue the work they do to connect and connect with communities. It is that resilient spirit of the London creative scene which in part, has birthed Preview London Productions.

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